Transpack Technological Features And Innovations

Our mission is simple.  Through unique designs and well thought out features we make it easier for you to get your gear where you want to go.  Knowing that freedom of movement and organization make life easier we believe that if your gear is comfortably on your back or ergonomically in your hands, your life will be simpler.  

For the dedicated athlete looking to take their sport to the next level, we know how challenging that can be. Getting to the next level is hard, but getting your gear there shouldn’t be.  

To all the parents out there, if your kids gear is on their back instead of heaped up in your arms and slung over your shoulders that makes life easier. And when life is easier that means getting the family from the car to the lodge is that much more enjoyable for everyone.

From Rugged Travel Cases to our Proprietary Carry All Isosceles Back Packs for men, women and kids, to our brand new Heated Pro Pack and a slew of accessories, we work hard to incorporate all the features you can dream of into our product so you can keep your gear organized, easy to access, safe and warm.

Below you will find some of our key product features that span our entire collection.  

For product specific details please browse through our Pro, Classic and Hard Case Series.

We'll See You Out There.  Keep it simple and have fun.